The three main questions regarding the logistics of a Pacific Island Super Rugby franchise are:

  • where would they play their games?

  • where would they be based?

  • how would the new competition be structured?

However, it is important that at this point in time, that the public does not jump to a conclusion on these issues until all the relevant stakeholders have been engaged. First and foremost: Dwayne Johnson.

For that reason, this campaign has chosen to not publicly declare a preferred scenario. The focus at present is on reaching out to Dwayne Johnson, not debating Option A v Option B v Option C. Simply put, without Johnson, there aren't the options to debate.

Nonetheless, this section does discus what criteria are relevant if an eventual decision is to be made.

Where Would They Play?

As discussedin the Financials section,  the concept of home-games-away-from-home is likely to be a crucial element in ensuring the franchise's feasibility.

The key things to consider with regard to match venues are:

  • local support base

  • stadium infrastructure

  • transport infrastructure

  • commercial market

Where Would They Be Based?

It needs to be stressed, that there can be a distinction between where a team is based, and where they play.

The key things to consider for where to base the team are:​

  • high performance infrastructure

  • transport infrastructure

  • rental accomodation

  • attractiveness for players and their families

How Will The New Competition Be Structured?

Assuming that all things remain equal (no other teams are added/removed), the addition of a Pacific Islander Super Rugby team would result in a 16 team tournament.

Many different scenarios have been explored, and of course historically SANZAAR has delivered a 12, 14, 15 and 18 team tournament. A 16 team tournament is very achievable.

Any decision regarding the competition structure would need to account for:​

  • player welfare

  • travel time

  • competition fairness

  • broadcasting audiences