Organisational Structure

The creation of a Pacific Island Super Rugby Franchise would require SANZAAR to grant a licence (and rights of renewal) to a newly created entity.

That entity would need to be independent of the rugby unions of Fiji, Samoa and Tonga; with it's own management and governance.

One of the biggest challenges of previous combined Pacific Island rugby initiatives has been the in-fighting of the respective rugby unions. That would need to be avoided from day one, and hence the unions would best be involved as beneficiaries of the entity, but with no influence on governance and management.

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Developing Pacific Rugby Beyond Super Rugby

As is highlighted in the Financials section, a Dwayne Johnson-owned Super Rugby Franchise would comfortably achieve the US$12million feasibility target each season, and generate further profits beyond that.

Those profits could be allocated to the betterment of Pacific Island rugby, well beyond Super Rugby.

The current funding model involving World Rugby and the Pacific unions has long been criticised for its apparent lack of transparency and efficiency. This could be vastly improved with the addition of a commercially savvy Pacific Island franchise.

Ideally, the franchise itself would take the lead on development investments and initiatives in the Pacific, ensuring they are commercially sound. These initiatives could include:

  • rugby academies

  • NRC assistance

  • contracting assistance for the respective national teams and Olympic sevens

  • sporting infrastructure investment

Monetary distributions beyond that would only take place if the unions were to achieve sound governance targets.

In this sense, a Dwayne Johnson-owned franchise would not only help fund the wider Pacific game, but have an overwhelmingly positive effect on existing governance structures.