Only one man has the mana to unite the Pacific Islands and create a sustainable rugby future. That man is Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson ... read more

A Dwayne Johnson-owned Pacific Island franchise would be immensely beneficial for Fiji, Samoa, Tonga, SANZAAR, World Rugby, NZR, Rugby Australia and SA Rugby ... read more

A Dwayne Johnson-owned franchise is not only feasible, but could in fact be the most commercially competitive rugby team on the planet ... read more

The franchise would best be independent of any rugby unions, but could be a vehicle for funding and development across the Pacific ... read more

Where would the team play, where would they be based and how would the competition be structured? There are many factors that would influence these decisions ... read more

Please note: This website is independent of SANZAAR and Dwayne Johnson.

The purpose of this site is to outline a proposal for how a Pacific Island Super Rugby franchise could be feasible, and appeal to Dwayne Johnson and SANZAAR to investigate this win-win further.


Future of Super Rugby was started in November 2014, to encourage public discussion regarding Super Rugby's then-planned 2016 expansion. A video was produced that identified the following issues:

  •  that a Japanese side would not be competitive

  • that the tournament structure was overly complex

  • that a Pacific Island side should be included, and how that could be structured.

Sure enough, each of these predictions eventuated, and following difficult 2016 and 2017 seasons, SANZAAR was forced to make changes.

As of 2018, SANZAR is investigating how to structure the competition from 2021 onwards (to coincide with the competition's next broadcasting deal).

It is the intention of this website to present a feasible proposal for how SANZAAR could establish a Pacific Island franchise, that would enhance the competition.


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